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Cathedral Replica Made with 298,000 Matchsticks

Matchstick Replica of Cathedral

Matchstick artist Patrick Acton has painstakingly recreated the stunning replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Patient matchstick artist used 298,000 matchsticks, 55 liters of wood glue and 2,000 toothpicks. This matchstick replica of cathedral took him 2,000 hours but the original stone cathedral in Paris took over 180 years to build.

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Tiny Sculptures Created Using Fire & Burnt Matchsticks

Burning Matchstick Art

Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov creates unique tiny sculptures using only fire and spent matches. It all started when Stanislav entered a photo competition in Russia, unable to come up with an idea he struck a match before noticing the incredible patterns formed in the carbon of the used wood – and so the match art was born.

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