Meet Pauline Potter – World’s Heaviest Woman

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Worlds Heaviest Woman Pauline Potter

The 47-year-old Pauline Potter from Sacramento, California has been confirmed as world’s heaviest woman weighing 291.6 kg (643 lbs) by Guinness World Records™.

She realized the title is “a little degrading,” but Potter, 48, is sharing her story because she’s desperate. When the 2012 edition of the records book is released, she’s hoping somebody will read about her and offer to help her become healthy. She currently requires a mobility scooter to get around and can no longer get into her car and in order to keep mobile she visits a warm water rehabilitation pool three to five times a week,

Worlds Heaviest Woman Pauline Potter

Worlds Heaviest Woman Pauline Potter

Pauline says her reason for getting in touch with Guinness World Records was to gain public attention for her situation, in the hope that an expert would see her story and want to help her lose weight.

According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest woman ever is Rosalie Bradford, who registered a peak weight of 1,200 lbs. in January 1987.

(via: People | Guinness World Records)

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