Celebrity Portraits Made From Noodles & Soy Sauce

Instant noodle makers, Kabuto Noodles, called for submissions of all manner of “noodle art” as a fun social media activity. Using the hashtag #NoodleDoodle many fans have been sending pictures of their noodle art but one artist Sarah King created the celebrity faces using actual noodles and soy sauce. These delicious portraits include “Ramen Gosling”, “Miley Soyrus” and “Harry Styles of Wok Direction”, which bear an uncanny resemblance to their celebrity namesakes.

Sarah said: “I love making art in unusual ways, so when I saw Kabuto Noodles’ #NoodleDoodle entries on Facebook I was inspired to create my own noodle masterpieces. Fortunately I’m a huge Kabuto fan so I had enough pots in my kitchen cupboard to make all of my favorite celebs.”

Harry Styles

Noodle Doodle: Celebrity Portraits Made From Noodles & Soy Sauce

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