10 Humor Sites To Visit When Bored

If you’re bored and need to kill some time there are hundreds of sites you could browse whole day, for your convenience I have compiled a list of 10 humor sites you can visit and enjoy your time.

1. ebaumsworld.com

eBaum’s world is owned by Eric Bauman. He collects and posts viral videos that are funny, embarrassing, weird and gross.

2. theoatmeal.com

The Oatmeal’s real name is Matthew and he lives in Seattle, Washington. He subsists on a steady diet of crickets and whiskey. He enjoys long walks on the beach, gravity, and breathing heavily through his mouth. His dislikes include scurvy, typhoons, and tapeworm medication.

3. engrish.com

Engrish.com specializes in collecting clips that show the unfortunate usage of English language from all over the world. The fun is well brought out when poor sentence construction gives a whole new meaning to an innocent message.

4. cracked.com

According to their slogan, Cracked.com is “America’s Only Humor Site Since 1958.” Cracked is famous for their list posts. Columnists and contributing writers craft witty, funny articles on topics ranging from history to TV & movies to Internet tech. They have a hilariously creative video section as well.

5. omg-facts.com

A top entertainment destination, OMG Facts features the most interesting facts on the Internet as voted by its audience. The website was launched in February 2010 and is followed by over 2 million people on Twitter and 200,000 on Facebook.

6. buzzfeed.com

BuzzFeed is the social news and entertainment company. BuzzFeed is redefining online advertising with its social, content-driven publishing technology. BuzzFeed provides the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment and video across the social web to its global audience of 100M.

7. failblog.org

Part of the I Can Has Cheezburger network, Fail Blog is a site that is most known for its humorous pictures depicting disastrous and often stupid situations. All photos have the caption “FAIL” included somewhere on the photo. Fail Blog incorporates video into their site in addition to photos.

8. collegehumor.com

CollegeHumor Media, comprised of CollegeHumor.com, Jest.com, Dorkly.com, and several syndication partnerships, is a leading online entertainment company targeting a core audience of people ages 18-49. Founded by two high school friends, CollegeHumor Media delivers daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes, created and/or curated by the CollegeHumor staff.

9. 9gag.com

9GAG is an image-based social media website which is based around user-uploaded, comical images dubbed “Fun”. The site had 2 billion monthly pageviews as of December 2011

10. funnyordie.com

Funny or die brings together viral videos that are funny and mixes them with content from up coming and established comedians. The fun part is when users get to choose the videos they think are funny and the videos that should die because they are not so funny.

Comedy and humor are among the big traffic drivers on the internet. Therefore, having a funny website would be an ideal investment. You also want to build an own website? No worries. The easiest way is to use a website builder (e.g. from 1&1 US) that supports all the unique features you would want to incorporate in

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