Illustrator Uses Clever 3D Tricks To Bring His Cartoons To Life

Talented Danish artist HuskMitNavn creates beautiful humorous and creative artworks on folded white paper. Three-dimensional look is given by drawing on both sides of the paper sheet. It literally looks like the lively cartoons jump off the page.

In fact, we like HuskMitNavn’s drawings so much, that we had already featured his work in the past Clever 3D Tricks Used To Bring Cartoons To Life, today we are featuring his beautiful drawings again for you. For more of his drawings do check out his website.


Illustrator HuskmitNavn is the King of the 3D Paper Art

Artist Draws Cartoons In 3D Space Using Only Pen And Paper

Hilariously Creative Paper Drawings By Husk Mit Navn

Comical and Creative Paper Drawings by Husk Mit Navn

Paper Art by HuskMitNavn

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