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Net Zero Definition and Its Purposes 

Transitioning to a net zero world will require significant transformations in producing, consuming, and moving around. A clear and robust net zero provides a critical frame of reference for decarbonization efforts by nation-states, sub-national entities, companies, and others. A successful framework will rely on urgency…


Turkey Emerges as a Global Tech Hub 

Turkey’s tech industry has been quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with during recent years, due to its remarkable contributions on the global stage. With significant investments towards building a robust tech infrastructure, the country has emerged as a figure to be taken seriously…


Surprising Facts on Scheduling Software Tools 

Suppose you’re running a service-based business like a fitness trainer, lawyer, consultant, or coach. If so, make it simple for customers to schedule appointments using appointment scheduling software. Appointment reminders Appointment reminder software is a powerful tool that significantly reduces no-shows and late appointments. In…