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Trends in Data Science for Financial Institutions 

Financial institutions have always competed fiercely with one another. However, today’s market has reached unprecedented competitiveness, even at times bordering on cutthroat. The intense level of competition has caused all the most prominent institutions to rethink their strategies. They are scrambling to stay relevant in…


2022 Wedding Flower Trends 

For the last two years, couples have been unable to have the lavish wedding ceremonies they had hoped for, with many being forced to push their date back by one or even two years. Now that most social distancing restrictions have eased, weddings are officially…


Top Ways to Protect Your Business 

Much like your home, your business premises needs to be safe and secure. Just like how people break into homes to steal possessions and information, they do the same with business properties. The only difference is, your business premises likely contains a multitude of high…