When running any business, it can be easy to focus on the satisfaction of your customers and clients above all else. After all, they are who’s spending the money to buy your goods and services, so naturally they should be the focus of your attention.

While this is true to an extent, focusing on clients and customers should never come at the expense of other areas of your business, particularly your staff. If you’re employees feel underappreciated, overworked, or just generally unhappy, this can significantly affect their performance which can, in turn, affect your bottom line. We’ve put together some top tips to help you keep up staff morale. Keep reading to find out more.

Implement A Rewards And Benefits System

One often cited incentive that keeps employees happy and motivated is a benefits programme. This can help to demonstrate that you appreciate your staff and that you’re thankful for all the hard work that they do. Rather than just expressing this through words, implementing a benefits programme, like the one offered by Zest, can give your staff tangible rewards that let them know their work is valued.

Encourage Communication

If an employee or employees feel unhappy with some aspect of the job or workplace, it’s important that they feel comfortable coming to you or a superior to express their feelings. Not only will this allow you to quickly identify and rectify any potential problems in your business that you may be unaware, but it will also create a culture of open communication where staff feel free to speak their minds.

A breakdown in communication can create barriers between junior and senior staff members and can negatively affect how your business operates. Create an open forum in the workplace that encourages communication to keep your staff happy.

Foster An Inclusive Environment

Diversity and inclusivity are extremely important in the workplace. By fostering an inclusive environment, you will ensure that all your staff feel comfortable and safe at work, regardless of their particular background or situation.

You should strive to demonstrate that you, your staff, and your company as a whole supports and celebrates diversity, and that you are working to stamp out discrimination and prejudice in all areas of your business.

Promote A Good Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is crucial. Employees who are overworked can burn out fast. This can often result in high staff turnover which can create an unstable and unpredictable working environment. They key to promoting a good work/life balance among your employees is to ensure you remain flexible and understanding when it comes to their needs. Approve holidays and time-off when you can, and ensure staff aren’t working beyond their hours or over the weekend when they are not required to.

Consider Changing The Working Space

Making changes to the working environment can be an effective way to keep staff happy and engaged. This might not be the most practical solution for some businesses, but it can be relatively easy for smaller workplaces and offices.

Small changes can prove effective, something as simple as bringing more plants into the space or adjusting windows to let in more sunlight is easy to do, with both of these having proven benefits for worker wellbeing.

Larger, wholesale changes like a new floor layout may be more time-consuming and less realistic but can be extremely effective at keeping staff interested and preventing the environment from feeling stale and boring.


Happy workers are productive workers. The best way to ensure you are getting the very best out of your staff is to keep them satisfied in the workplace. Follow these tips to boost staff morale.

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