Meeting a blog writing quota can feel like a chore to fulfill if you lack motivation and determination. If you’ve ever seen a blog updated consistently, you need to strive to submit content in the same manner. You may think you have a stressful task to handle per month, but you can learn to become an active blog writer.

1. Rely on a Plan

Before starting an assignment, you should ensure that you make necessary preparations for your monthly blog writing. Some inexperienced bloggers disregard the planning stage and struggle to brainstorm a topic or idea. Research could save you time and stress and can help you develop excellent writing habits.

Choose a subject that you’re genuinely curious to learn and conduct research. A lack of enthusiasm can ruin a blog article quickly and could also turn readers away. If a writer is bored with a specific topic, their tone could reflect their mood and affect their written content.

2. Avoid a Forced Sales Approach

To exhibit an aggressive stance toward your target audience can backfire. Instead of resolving issues and spurring positive feedback, it can scare potential customers away. When addressing your target demographic’s problems, values, and challenges, you should examine your strategy. However, it’s wise to refrain from using your blog to self-indulge and bombard your audience with sales tactics.

3. Write Evergreen Content

Writing about current events can generate many page views over a period but can also become irrelevant. Situations often change, and what may trend one week can be forgotten only a couple of weeks later. Therefore, write about topics that remain relatable rather than risk becoming outdated. For example, there will always be individuals who need car repair or tips to lose weight. Yet fashion trends can expire in three months to one year.

4. Be an Educator

The purpose of your blog is to demonstrate that you possess significant expertise in your field. Create informative technical articles that include reader queries, testimonials, and details that attract readers in droves. E-books and How-To based posts are good examples of educational content intended to relay resourceful information.

5. Use Paragraph Breaks

A wall of text that lacks sufficient whitespace can be confusing and difficult to read. You could risk losing the attention of your audience, who may interpret your writing as incomprehensible rambling. Consider formatting your blog posts using subheaders, bullet points, and lists to separate your details and highlight your essential points.

6. Hire a Professional Blogger

If you lack the confidence to handle blog writing duties, you should consider hiring a professional blogger. Attempting to assume the role yourself can result in inconsistent and unfocused content.

7. Stay Focused

Some businesses worry about likes or followers rather than work to establish a genuine connection with their audience. Your objective should be to position yourself as a credible specialist, earn your customers’ trust, and engage potential buyers in the sales cycle. Impersonal tactics can cost your business its integrity and highly-favored reputation.

8. Avoid Blogging on Social Media

Some individuals use social media as a shortcut to blogging, yet the method is ineffective. Platforms encourage short captions that consist of a limited character count. However, it’s nearly impossible to go into depth about a topic due to such a restriction. Social media isn’t a suitable option to replace blog writing and is mainly feasible for promotion, connections, and leads.

You should create high-quality content and invest in distributing every written piece. If you’re serious about meeting your monthly blog post quota, work hard to perfect your writing skill and speed.

9. Be a Storyteller

A storytelling method is a personal approach when planning written content. Every blog post should maintain an active narrative from beginning to end. Start with an engaging lead-in such as a detailed introduction and finish with a strong conclusion.

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