World's Best Father

You might remember photographer Jason Lee’s creative series of photographs of his daughters. In a similar fashion, photographer Dave Engledow captures creative photos of his daughter with the help of his wife Jen. He created a series of photographs called “World’s Best Father” where he portrays a clueless, sleep-deprived and unsafe Dad to his adorable daughter Alice Bee, which is the type of father that he never plans to be.

Engledow says, “Since the birth of our daughter Alice Bee in December 2010, the majority of my inspiration has stemmed from creatively documenting the first moments of her life in our family.”

I’ve always used humor as a way to deal with my personal fears and neuroses, and in many way these images are often an attempt to do just that–to illustrate humorously the fears that I and, as I’ve learned, many other new fathers have about fatherhood.

World's Best Father by Dave Engledow

Funny Dad & Daughter Photo by Dave Engledow

World's Best Father Photo Series

Best Father Dave Engledow

My wife Jen has been a wonderful partner in helping create most of these images. While rarely appearing in the final shot, she has constantly been there behind the scenes to help ensure that Alice Bee is always safe and happy, and to provide inspiration and editorial help.

And even while stationed overseas, she still is able to provide insight and assistance with image selection via google hangout.

World's Best Father by Dave Engledow

World's Best Father by Dave Engledow

World's Best Father by Dave Engledow

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