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Beautiful Henna Crowns For Patients Dealing with Hair Loss

Henna Crowns© Henna Heals 2013 Henna by Tarquin Singh Photography by Frances Darwin (cancer)

Henna Heals is a Toronto-based organization managed by a group of artists who created “Henna Crowns” as a form of empowerment for patients who have loss their hairs from cancer or other diseases.

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2-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets Pizza Party When She Taped The Request On Her Window

Hazel Hammersley Pleads For Pizza

2 years old Hazel Hammersley was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma in her abdomen. She received more than 20 pizzas over the weekend when she put up a joke sign reading “SEND PIZZA RM 4112” in the window of her hospital room.

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