Miniature Food Rings 

To express the love of food, love of making things and love of unique jewelry, artist Munakata-shi from Japan creates amazing miniature food-inspired rings. Plastic food is really popular in Japan and the idea to make mini versions of food came from the life-size replicas…


Tiny World In a Bottle 

Architectural models maker Akinabou from Japan uses his spare time making tiny objects that fit in a bottle. From tiny dinosaur to tropical islands to a couple kissing in the part, he has created everything. He named this project “Tiny World In a Bottle”.


Bug Memorials 

Bug Memorials is a new project of advertising agency Carmichael Lynch paying tribute to bugs. This might be looking simple project of just placing miniature flowers and dolls and take photographs but it was not that easy. Even a smallest gust of wind would send…