Bug Memorial

Bug Memorials is a new project of advertising agency Carmichael Lynch paying tribute to bugs. This might be looking simple project of just placing miniature flowers and dolls and take photographs but it was not that easy. Even a smallest gust of wind would send them flying.

I got in touch with Dave Damman, Chief Creative Officer at Carmichael Lynch, and asked few questions about this artwork.

1. What inspired you to pay tribute to bugs?

Most bugs come and go from this life in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours depending on the amount of shoes or newspapers present. This was our little way of paying tribute to a few small lives that were lived to the fullest.

Bug Memorial

2. How much time does it take you to create these miniature memorials?

From growing the miniature flowers to contacting family members of the deceased, these took a while to get right. But seriously, it wasn’t easy to keep the memorials standing. We used a variety of dollhouse props that were so delicate, even the smallest gust of wind would send them flying. At the end of the video, you see the roach memorial fall over as a bus passes by. That wasn’t a camera trick. We were constantly readjusting everything.

Bug Memorial

3. How were the reactions of people where you place these memorials?

People were very intrigued by the memorials. The cameras seemed to capture their attention first, but once they noticed the tiny memorials in front of them, many people paid their own respects. Whether it was through tears or laugher we knew immediately that the fallen insects had touched everyone who saw them.

Bug Memorial

4. What are your future plans related to these bug memorials? Planning to pay tribute to more bugs or want to try something different now?

The message of honoring every little life will certainly carry on, but we probably won’t be photographing any more of these tiny memorials. This was an art piece that we made for our agency’s ongoing Carmichael Collective project, which is all about creativity for creativity’s sake. There are several new acts in the works, and right now we’re focused on getting that stuff out the door. So keep an eye out for the next big thing, no matter how small it might be, on CarmichaelCollective.com.

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