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Funny Dog Photos Manipulations

Funny Dog Photos

An unknown artist photographs the puppy and manipulates the photos in Photoshop. In his/her set of 5 photos each one has unique idea.

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Cute Photos of a Toddler Napping with His Puppy

Toddler Sleeping with Dog

Jessica Shyba, a mother-of-three from California adopted a puppy Theo from a rescue shelter. Just three days after bringing tiny Theo home, the 7-week-old pup nestled in and fell asleep right on top of Beau as Shyba was rocking him down for an afternoon nap.

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Funny Photos of Tired Animals

Funny photo of tired animals

Cute compilation of tired animals sleeping anywhere they find comfortable place. It could be on a tree, on a sofa or even on a laptop.

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Cute Friendship Between Japanese Boy & His Bulldog

Japanese Boy and His Bulldog Friend

Aya Sakai, Tokyo-based mother, has been taking some really adorable pictures of her son Tasuku and his best friend, a French bulldog ‘Muu’. She posts the photos on Instagram and her Facebook page.

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Animals & Birds Creatively Painted on Hands

Creative Hand Paintings by Guido Daniele

Italian artist, Guido Daniele, creatively paints animals, birds and fictional characters on hands.

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