Delhi, India is considered one of the most revered cities among the real estate investors due to the high return it has offered al through these years. NRI’s have considered Delhi, India to be one of the top destinations for real estate investment even after the slowdown experienced recently by the real estate market. Being the capital city of India, Delhi has its advantage which it enjoys to be called one of the top real estate investment centers of India.

Why Delhi, India is one of the best real estate markets for NRI investors?

Some of the top reasons for Delhi, India being one of the best real estate markets are:

  • Delhi being the capital city of India enjoys its perks and facilities which call upon NRI investors to make personal or business real estate investments in Delhi.
  • Delhi, India is one of the top cities with advanced social and commercial infrastructure which attracts NRI’s and the Indian nationals locally to start investing due to the advantages people enjoy in the city.
  • Recently, PG in Delhi has become one of the best options for staying in Delhi if one person has short term plans of living in the city.
  • Luxury residential living projects that have come up in Delhi has been one of the foremost reasons for NRI’s to invest in Delhi recently.
  • Delhi is one of the most rapidly developing and expanding cities in India which aids in migration of population to the city every year which includes NRI’s too. Therefore investment and return on investment in real estate in Delhi, India will always be on a high.
  • The lifestyle of the city of Delhi, India which has become similar to that of modern cities all over the world has also been beneficial in providing a boost to the real estate sector as it is more favored for living or investment by the NRI’s.

Why PG in Delhi is one of the best real estate options for NRI’s?

PG culture is one of the most famous cultures among the youths who come to the city in search of jobs or higher education. Delhi has been one of the foremost cities in India to have great job opportunities as well as higher education institutes. This has made a great impact on the real estate market of investing in PG’s in Delhi.

Recently many NRI’s have been sending their children for quality higher education in Delhi because of two reasons:

  • Higher education in Delhi is of world-class quality.
  • Higher education in Delhi is one of the cheapest yet best in the world.

This is the reason why more NRI children have been coming down to Delhi to live and study. This has resulted in the introduction of more luxury PG in Delhi, Indiathat has come up in recent years as well as that is going to come up in the future. Earlier, the concept of PG in Delhi meant small, compact rooms in Delhi which are costly and yet had no amenities or services like cooking or washing clothes. But this changed rapidly in the past few years and a lot of PG in Delhi have come up which provides a host of services to the people who live in it. This demand has also resulted in the investment of NRI’s who personally want to live in PG’s in Delhi and also real estate investors who want to invest in real estate in Delhi, India.

Boost of the real estate market due to increase in demand of PG’s in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, India is also one of the most rapidly developing real estate which is very close proximity to Delhi, India. Gurgaon is one of the most rapidly developing cities of the state Haryana, which is very close to becoming a Tier I city in India. Being so close to the capital city of Delhi, India has given Gurgaon, tremendous opportunity to develop its real estate. Some of the top reasons why PG’s in Gurgaon is in such demand among the NRI’s:

  • The investment in real estate by NRIs has increased in PG’s in Delhi by a lot in the last few years which has pushed the real estate market to innovate luxury living PG’s in Gurgaon
  • The demand of PG in Gurgaon and PG in Delhi has increased due to the change that has been brought in advanced amenities and facilities provided by the PG’s like AC, Fridge, Power Backup, Gym, common area, Wi-Fi, Pool Table and many more.
  • The prices of the PG’s in Gurgaon and Delhi have also become very affordable which has subsequently increased demand of the PG’s and gradually raised investments by NRI investors.

Role of in finding PG’s in Delhi and Gurgaon has been one of the premiere websites for real estate listing which has helped NRI’s as well as Indian nationals to search for real estate properties of their choice in Delhi and Gurgaon area. has helped numerous NRI customers to find the PG in Gurgaon and Delhi of their choice and location. lists one of the largest numbers of PG’s in Delhi and Gurgaon throughout the city. The website offers various features and filters like:

  • The gender for which you are searching the PG like Boys or Girls. This helps to specify the right choice of PG’s.
  • It also provides filters like type of room one is searching for in PG’s in Gurgaon or Delhi like a single separate room, double sharing room, triple sharing room and even 3+ sharing rooms.
  • One can even buy PG’s in Delhi and Gurgaon or invest in them like NRI’s who want to buy out PG’s in Gurgaon or Delhi for investment purposes.
  • The PG’s in Gurgaon and Delhi are listed in according to their rents or costs of leasing and also provides filters like type of food they offer to the renters. provides options to NRI’s to select the area of living in Delhi and Gurgaon and search for living in such areas specifically with all modern amenities.

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