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Potatoes Walkout: Urban Food Art Installations by Peter Pink

Urban Food Art Installation

German artist, entertainer and self-described “nonsense maker” Peter Pink has created a series of unusual and hilarious sculptures using sunglasses-wearing potatoes and cucumbers.

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Record Breaking Giant Vegetables

The Harroage Autumn Flower Show is one of the Britain’s most prestigious gardening show. Many gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists are given a chance to celebrate this year’s success and look forward to the new growing season. The show featured the battle of the giants where gardeners from across Britain show off colossal vegetable and flower crops in hopes of earning a coveted award from the judges.

Giant Marrow

Giant Vegetables Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a marrow weighing 119lbs 12oz (54.3kg) above his head.

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Amazing Landscapes Made of Food

World of Food by Carl Warner

Foodscape photographer Carl Warner uses fresh fruit, vegetables and meat to bring his imagination to life. His latest book, A World of Food, includes this picture, entitled ‘Candy Cottage’.

Mr Warner said his new pieces were aimed at encouraging healthier eating among younger children. “I use my work as a vehicle to get kids to think about what they are eating,” he said. “Kids will look at a pile of chips and tomato sauce and go ‘yummy yummy’. But show them a pile of asparagus and they will go ‘eurgh, yucky green food’.

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Creative Portraits Made of Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

Portraits Made of Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

Klaus Enrique Gerdes, a New York City photographer, has created a series of original portraits made exclusively from vegetables, fruits and flowers. At first glance these portraits look familiar if you have ever seen Giuseppe Arcimboldo‘s work before, who was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books. Unlike Giuseepe, Klaus Enrique Gerdes first created the original portraits with vegetables, fruits and flower and then shot them.

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Women Holding Guns Made of Vegetables

Vegetable Guns

Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa taken photographs of women holding “vegetable guns”. The guns as the name shows are made out of vegetables and other ingredients. The photos taken in various countries around Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

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