If your gal has been feeling run down lately, or maybe she is feeling overworked and not herself, then it might be time to get her a gift that she isn’t expecting, but one that she will most definitely love! Or maybe she is totally fine and you just want to show her how much you love her by getting her a gift! No matter why you are in the market for a gift for her, we have a few ideas that she will be excited to receive and will most definitely make her smile.

  1. A new bracelet

We know what you are thinking. Jewelry, really? For the woman who already has tons of it? Yes, really! Chan Luu has the most exquisite bracelets that will go with anyone’s aesthetic. They are timeless, handmade pieces that are sure to make your lady sparkle more than she already does. Plus, they are unique, so there is a high chance that she doesn’t have a piece like this yet. Even if she does, you can never have too much jewelry.

  1. Handwritten letter

5 Just Because Gifts She'll Love

Saying I love you doesn’t always have to mean paying a lot of money. If you are trying to save a little extra money right now, you don’t have to get something that is going to break the bank. In fact, there are a lot of options for gifts that are free or there are options to use items you already have. We’re sure you already have some sort of a piece of paper and a pen, right? So, put them to good use and write your beauty a letter. If you aren’t always the best at expressing your feelings verbally, this is a great way to let her know how much you care, without being on the spot to find the right words in the moment. Plus, she will love to read the letter back to herself over and over again! If you are feeling a bit more creative, leave a sticky note love letter trail on everything that she uses when she wakes up in the morning. She will be so thrilled to see your love notes at every stop she makes in the house!

  1. Flower delivery

Flowers are always a good idea, and a peony flower delivery from ProFlowers is a surefire way to make sure your lady knows how much you love her. Though peonies pale in comparison to her beauty (feel free to use that in a card), they are a great, unique, fragrant choice. Not to worry if peonies aren’t her thing. ProFlowers has so many arrangements to choose from and they are all of the highest-quality. They can be delivered right to her door, her work, or your place for you to give her upon her arrival.

  1. Empowering art

It is important for your lady to know how much you love her, but is equally as important for her to know you support her strength and power. Ann Shen has the most beautiful pieces of art that will empower your gal and look beautiful while doing it. She is inspired by powerful women and a few of her pieces highlight that. This is a great way to show the strong woman in your life how much you value and appreciate their strength and tenacity.

  1. Gift card

We know this one sounds sort of lame, but don’t worry, it is one she will really love. Why? Because a gift card to ModCloth allows her to get exactly what she wants, without her worrying about spending money on it. She can get a new outfit for date night, those shoes she has been eyeing, or even a new mug to drink her morning coffee in. Who doesn’t love getting a gift card that will provide you with a cute and classy gift just because?


Everyone loves to get a gift just because, so don’t be afraid to go for it! Even if you just get her the gift of washing the dishes or making the bed, she’s going to love it! Help her become her best self with a nice gift dedicated to fitness, health, or self-care.

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