As hard as it may be to believe, wedding season is far from over yet. It seems like you used to be able to guarantee that you would have cleared all those friend and family weddings from your calendar by mid-August. But these days, due to everything from the wedding venue backlog to soaring summer temperatures, we are seeing more and more people tying the knot in the fall and beyond. If you are running out of ideas for what to take and wear at weddings this year, here are a few tips to help.

Take Something Comfortable To Travel In

It seems to be an unwritten rule of wedding season that the weddings themselves need to take place in locations as far away from where you live as possible. Given that you could be looking at a long drive or a flight, you need to remember to pack something that you feel comfortable travelling in. You can always save your big looks for when you get there!

Something That Feels Unique

One of the hard things about going to a string of weddings is that inevitably you will start to feel like you are showing up in the exact same outfit every time. Even if you do not want to spend that money or go to the trouble of selecting an entirely new look for each and every event, it is important to think about how you can make each look unique for each occasion. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go for a new dress or top, but you could always look for a new and eye-catching bag or pair of sunglasses, for example. If you are looking for recent womenswear additions from Gucci, check out the latest range at SSENSE. They have an amazing selection, and you are guaranteed to find something that speaks to you.

Don’t Forget Your Essential Toiletries

There are few things quite as irritating in that very specific way than getting to the hotel where you’re staying for a wedding and realizing that you have left your favorite toiletries and essential medications at home. You are going to want to be looking and feeling your best, especially if you are going to be there for a few days. It may be worth investing in a new washbag to make sure that you take everything from your night cream to the painkillers for the day after.

Book A Day For Yourself

As much fun as weddings are, there is no denying that they can be exhausting. We are all being pushed to the point of burnout right now, so why not think about giving yourself an extra day wherever you’re going? This is especially important if you have gone through all the trouble of going somewhere far away. Treat yourself to an extra day or two somewhere beautiful that is just for you and try to disconnect from all the pressures of the outside world while you are there.

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