Minimalist Movie Posters 

Graphic designer and art director from Brazil, Pedro Vidotto, illustrates his favorite movie posters in minimalist style. The minimalist movie posters style is not new as we have already seen Pictogram Movie Posters by Victor Hertz but every artist has different style and source of…


Parcel Tape Art 

Artist Mark Khaisman has recreated stills from some of his favorite movies using nothing more than brown parcel tape. At first glance it appears they could have been made using computer software but these images are created layering stips of oridinary brown tape over each…


Pictogram Movie Posters 

Graphic designer Victor Hertz make quite simple movie poster including one or a few pictograms, displaying the theme of the film. “I try to bring a twist to it, and not get too simple. I want to be unpredictable and entertaining, and make something that…