Blockchain is one of the biggest technology revolutions there is. It is about to completely revamp the way business is done. Some of the biggest companies in world are all opting out for Blockchain technology. Blockchain is like one-stop storage of data that contains all kind of transactions stored in ledgers which are distributed as blocks across the Blockchain system. While the feasibility or usability of Blockchain still is debated by many, here are 5 startups that have used Blockchain to their advantage

  1. WandX

WandX was founded in the year 2017 . It is one of the most popular multi Blockchain platforms. It is a Blockchain DEX platform is the beauty of WandX is the fact that is the first decentralized token exchange platform. It uses basket protocol for its functioning. The WandX app revolutionizes in a way that it allows users to send various altcoins simultaneous which were previously a hassle in the cryptocurrency world.

  1. Minersinc

Minersinc is a Blockchain system that works towards creating a better entertainment ecosystem pertaining to the Blockchain technology.  It is P2P platform that allows to establish a connection between developers and consumers in the media or entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is a victim to piracy, rights management and revenue exposure. The startup involves creating a Blockchain system that will protect all these various assets.

  1. Steem

Steem is basically a cryptocurrency that backs Steemit. Steemit is a social media platform that encourages its users by delivering micropayment based on transactions. Very similar to Reddit functionally, however here the users empower the participants using micropayment by Steem.

  1. Brave

Brave is a unique outcome of the Brave browser. The brave browser focuses on blocking conventional advertisements. However, Brave allows users to view ads that reward valued sites with cryptocurrency. This system is known as Basic attention token or BAT. BAT is one of the most successful Blockchain technology implementation.

  1. Bancor

Bancor is a highly popular dApps used. It has over a hundred plus ECR20 tokens with a high number of trading pairs. Bancor Network is unique due to its ability to convert a wide number of tokens within a specific network by allowing deposition or withdrawal from the systems.

The blockchain is here to change the way transactions are done, stored and secured. It is set to completely revolutionize the way future businesses will be carried out.

5 Ways Blockchain will Improve the Way Transactions Occur

Blockchain is a cutting edge technology that empowers the world towards a better tomorrow. Blockchain is not a single unit that impacts change, Blockchain is a public library of sorts that maintains ledgers for every kind of transaction. This public ledger promotes transparency, enhances productivity and improves business ethics.

Here are 5 ways in which Blockchain will improve the way transactions occur

  1. Transparency

Blockchain promotes complete transparency. Within Blockchain the simple mechanism by which it works is as follows, any kind of transaction that occurs, be it loads, ledgers, money or healthcare related, every transaction will be available on Blockchain system. The system will record, every transaction and asset history. Thus promoting ethical business practices just like gambling bonus offers. Click here to search for bonus codes.

  1. Safety

Blockchain is a series of blocks that comprise sets of information. Each information will be broken down into smaller units and spread across the block. One individual will have access to edit information of the particular block, therefore it cannot be altered. There are auto repair features that allow Blockchain to improve its current state. In case any hacker is trying to steal or manipulate the information, its constant real-time data will make the hacking visible to everyone.

  1. Big companies using Blockchain

With huge conglomerates becoming a part of Blockchain a great deal of focus then becomes on maintaining the authenticity and sanctity of Blockchain. A centralized control system works for everyone without invading the privacy of companies. It promotes ethics and security among the big players as well. Companies such as Microsoft and IBM are promoting and selling into banks and institutions to improve transactions history and future.

  1. No trader network

There is a third party or trader network in places that manages all the data and information. This can make the data sanctity questionable based on security levels. With Blockchain acting as a centralized data center, all the information can be safe in this technology with the least amount of dependency or fear of hack from any third party institution

  1. Better healthcare transactions

In terms of healthcare, better transaction history in terms of the medical history of patients, kind of treatment received, transactions, prescriptions can all be maintained. Clinical trials data, all kinds of medical innovations and studies can all be available in Blockchain. Pharmaceutical companies are using Blockchain as a mode of protecting their logistics function. The security that Blockchain provides could be elemental in creating and promoting safety.

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