Text message solutions are the chart toppers of the communications world today. SMS messages take a short time to reach the respondent, and they’re considered one of the fastest means of communication in today’s world.

Retailers, healthcare workers, and even agencies are using SMS to remind their customers of important dates and times. And the best way to receive and show coupon codes is through, you guessed it, SMS solutions. More and more businesses are using SMS solutions and it’s only growing more popular by the day. Here are just a few ways to use them for your business.


Agents using virtual call center software can arrange for reminders to be auto-sent to consumers when they need to be reminded of important dates and appointments. This can be about anything from renewing a subscription to scheduling a doctor’s appointment. By reaching the client by SMS the day before a scheduled event, you can be sure that they will remember to show up.

Although phone calls are just as effective as SMS, if someone is busy, they won’t always pick up the phone. Plus, who really checks their voicemails regularly if they’re not expecting an important phone call? SMS is a surefire solution to this problem and can be implemented in almost any customer service-related scenario.

Having your clients reminded of important dates will not only ensure that they make it to their commitments, but also make them feel as though you appreciate their business.


Being placed on hold is becoming a thing of the past with new technological advancements. More places are adding an SMS contact to their options so that customers can receive call backs and messages when they’ve reached the forefront of the customer service queue.

Who wants to sit on a phone line listening to elevator music for 15 minutes? Especially when the alternative is be contacted via SMS when someone will call them back or when they’ve reached the front of the line.


Some client based solutions use SMS for frequently asked questions (or FAQs) to help reduce calls in queue. The client can write keywords into the SMS response and the software uses those words to generate the appropriate response to the question.

This solution is great for troubleshooting issues and simple responses to questions your customers may have about your goods or services. Start by asking your agents what they think should be in the data-base and then if you really want to be thorough, you can entertain the idea of a focus group. You can always update it over time as well.


Who doesn’t love a good sale? Sales are great for business, but they’re only really successful when everyone knows about them. With the emergence of SMS in the contact center, retail chains have been sending out coupons to consumers as well as information on sales.

This way, you can reach the most customers at once and they’ll have an incentive to shop. Coupons are not only good for just retailers — they can be used for services as well. One time coupons or sign-up bonuses are great for business and, again, can be sent out through SMS messaging in the contact center.

Just for fun, try sending out a mass coupon and see for yourself how easy it is to drum up business with SMS solutions. You won’t regret your decision.

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