It is no longer news that in a move that surprised many college football fans; Brian Kelly has left the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the LSU Tigers. This happened after Ed Orgeron left the team, leaving the Tigers in search of a new coach that would be a good match. This hire has left the college football community in awe and many are waiting to see what is next.

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There have been many questions in the minds of fans of college football regarding this move. Some of those questions are: Is this a good hire for LSU?  How does this benefit the Tigers? What is next for the fighting Irish? And many others. Let’s explore some answers to these questions.

What is next for the Tigers?

By now, you might have heard about the promotion of Marcus Freeman, from the position of defensive coordinator to head coach, to fill the gap that Kelly left behind. This hire has been received with mixed feelings by fans of the Notre Dame team. Many people have reservations as to why he might be the wrong choice for the team and others have compelling reasons to believe that he is the best option for the team. There were five options the team could have chosen from. Luke Fickell, head coach of the Cincinnati team. Matt Campbell, head coach of the Iowa state team. Jeff Brohm, head coach of the Purdue team. Urban Meyer, head of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Before Marcus Freeman. A lot had to be put into consideration before deciding that Freeman was the best fit for the position, after all, he was one of Brian Kelly’s most recent hires.

If the Notre Dame management did not promote Freeman soon enough, another team would have snatched him up eventually and they might have been left in a bigger mess.

Going through the search for a new coach wasn’t easy, after enjoying the stability of Kelly’s presence for the past 12 years, the question of what is next for Notre Dame is necessary.

Though the Fighting Tigers have been through some difficult times the past few days, it cannot be denied that they made an awesome choice to continue with Freeman as the new head coach to lead them through the next season and more. Here are some Reasons why:

  • Continuity

Even though the issue of finding a new coach was a difficult decision for the management, promoting Freeman, means that the team continues onto their next match without missing a beat. Thankfully, they have a coach that is already familiar with the players and knows how to strategically place them to guarantee winnings. There is no time for a brand new coach to spend getting to know the team.

  • Fresh Ideas and Tactics

Freeman doesn’t have a lot of experience in the coaching industry, this allows him to bring in brand new, never seen before ideas that can help guarantee more victories for the Notre Dame team.

Ultimately, it is safe to say that the Fighting Irish would not have a lot to worry about with the departure of their former coach, as they already have a new and competent hand in Freeman ready to take up the reins.

What is next for the Tigers?

The LSU Tiger management started talking about separation with their previous coach Ed Orgeron, after securing a 42 – 21 loss at Kentucky. After a few weeks of searching for Orgeron’s replacement, LSU entered talks with the former Notre Dame Coach.  This involved several back and forth, and in a shocking move, Brian Kelly decided to leave the Fighting Irish for the Tigers.

There is a lot of money involved in this new hire, even though a lot has not been revealed about the contract; it is known that Brian Kelly would receive up to 9.5 million dollars every year excluding other incentives. This is a lot of money, and many people have suggested that this was what swayed Kelly and made him make the last-minute decision to join the Tigers team.

Kelly is known to be the winningest coach in Notre Dame History; he surpassed the previous record-holder Knut Rockne this season. His record is 113-40, including the 21 victories he bagged the team in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. He is known as the epitome of success and any team he coaches are indeed lucky to have him.

Who wouldn’t want a coach with such an impressive track record on their team? It is no wonder; the Tigers management was willing to pay such an amount to secure his expertise.

This is the first time any Notre Dame Coach is leaving them for another school, and the question on everyone’s mind is, what is next for LSU? We can be sure that Brian Kelly is bringing with him:

  • Expertise

Kelly is an experienced coach, with over 10 years of experience, he has been able to learn some tricks that work, and LSU will now benefit from that wealth of knowledge.

  • Success

He had a very successful career at Notre Dame, with several winnings under his belt. There is something special about his techniques, as his previous players are known to exhibit unmatched excellence.

Kelly is an amazing coach, and LSU stands to gain nothing but success by hiring him and bringing him into the Tigers family.


Brian Kelly is a one-of-a-kind coach and has left a very large shoe for Marcus Freeman to fill. But we can confidently say that there is no one better suited for filling Kelly’s shoes than Freeman. We expect that the Notre Dame team will continue their winning streak under their new coach, and the Tigers are about to experience a positive turnaround in their team.

These two teams should be under everyone’s radar next season, we are about to see them do new things. Note that Brian Kelly is not affiliated with Kelly staffing work from the home company.

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