The rise in energy cost experienced in the 20th and 21st century has resulted in intensive research into new and more economical methods of producing electrical energy. The situation has been raised by the sudden requirement from the middle and low-income group earners, who have to pay higher energy costs yet income remains limited.

There have been many solutions taken into consideration but wind energy is the most viable mode due to its abundance across the world. Research on wind energy over the years has shown the traditional windmill or turbines are costly and require lots of space to set up. This is a major challenge for urban residents who cannot utilize the wind turbines due to lack of space.

Research on backyard wind generation has led to great progress in recent years, with the development of micro-turbines. Micro-turbines harness wind energy and produce electricity to supply small homes and businesses. The small wind turbines do not produce large amounts of electrical energy but adequate for basic appliance use. They can power light bulbs, television sets and small appliances that do not require heavy electrical loads. This may not sound like an attractive solution but these small appliances consume the largest amount of electrical energy in homes. Installing the small wind turbines can reduce electrical bills by half, making them a viable energy production alternative to consider.

Maintenance is another major concern with the wind turbines. Many people do not have time to manage the maintenance that many wind turbines require. This problem has been solved by installing computer programs that help manage the turbines propeller pitch and braking systems. Routine maintenance is not a major concern since there are also many turbine service companies available to do the maintenance.

The domestic wind turbine has seen increased interest from consumers. The number of inquiry is increasing due to the wind turbines being environment-friendly for green homes. This is because the turbines can cut electricity cost by 50% if managed correctly. This makes it important for people to consider this energy production solution since it is cost-effective and environment-friendly. Each energy consumer must invest in cutting their carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions and harnessing wind energy is now a viable solution. In addition to this technology, other environment-friendly technologies can be combined with wind turbines to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

As technology advances, inventions are growing more powerful and lightweight. This has helped reduce the investment cost required to set up the technologies and increased the amount of energy being produced by the new technologies. It is the combined responsibility of government, investors, and consumers to develop and utilize the technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and improve our environment.

It is now in the consumer’s hand to decide whether they are willing to invest in a cleaner environment for future generations. Engineers have done their part to develop the required technologies, leaving the consumer to utilize them and harness clean and unlimited amounts of renewable energy assignment.

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