While 2020 hasn’t been quite as it was expected, it’s still constant in terms of one thing. Data still lies at the core of progress. It for independent businesses or economies overall, data-backed decision making is what is driving the world towards the end goal progress. Even amidst the pandemic where people are moving less physically, nothing is stopping the data from flowing across businesses.

The point is that the growth story is every business is rooted in data. Be it an enterprise, a SaaS business, eCommerce, education and learning, or any other organization. Data is the driving pillar that helps companies reach out to customers and dive down into their strategies for unprecedented growth.

The Importance of Data

Whether it is coming from one platform or multiple, data is fundamentally essential for all kinds of businesses existing today. Data is the asset that is replacing the intuitive decision-making process of companies and taking them forward with concreteness.

Decision making

Decision making is one of the things that has been severely impacted by data. Leaders in an organization today find data to be most helpful in backing up their strategies and deciding whether or not to pursue a previously made decision.

Business Visibility

Undoubtedly data gives business visibility. It tells you which of your departments are working at what efficiency. Moreover, it provides you n insight into the return on investment you’ve made on a particular channel.

Clarity on Goals

Data can help you define your key performance indicators. In other words, it tells you which of your strategies is getting good results and which isn’t. This helps your define your goals and work towards what is working well for the organization.

A Better Understanding of the Market

Statistical surveying can set you up for changing business sectors and prevent your business from being abandoned by the competition. Market surveying includes collecting and investigating data about your business market, including your clients and competitors.

One of the best things that come with data is an understanding of the market. In other words, data sheds light on the trends of the market. It tells you how your competitors are doing and what the customers want in general. Ultimately, it defines how the market will take a turn in the time to come.

Understanding of Customer’s Concerns

Optimizing the customer experience is a fantastic plan to arrange new buyers. It’s likewise perhaps the best way of advancing customer reliability. If you have a CRM system, you should as of now have essential data about your clients to hand, for example, buy histories and any issues or objections they had.

Understanding customers’ concerns are one of the biggest challenges that organizations face. With data from multiple platforms by your side, you can anticipate what’s wrong with them or, more importantly, remember what issues they have faced in the past.

Pentaho ETL in the Picture

With multiple uses of data, it becomes essential to make the most of them. However, the very nature of data in the business is that it is scattered and present on multiple platforms. Therefore, it becomes imperative for organizations to use a tool that helps bring everything on one table. Moreover, this tool must also enable faster computations and visualizations so that businesses have flexibility in whatever they do.

With Pentaho, all these are possible and achievable for organizations. The tool quintessentially deploys the Extract, Transform, and Load principles to change the narrative for data for a business. Moreover, it also helps them understand how customers across different platforms are interacting with the company.

Pentaho has multiple features that enable the smooth going of tasks for businesses. It loads data on the business’ data warehouse over the cloud and helps present it in the formats businesses like the most.

Another impressive quality of Pentaho is its data integration. In a world where businesses are quintessentially on different platforms, Pentaho helps put the various puzzles of the pieces together. It supports the latest Hadoop distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, along with Amazon web services.

Regardless of which kind of data warehouse you’re using, you can quickly deploy Pentaho for your business. Its usability extends to the cloud, on-premise, and in fact, hybrid business models. With impressive visualizations of the data, Pentaho becomes one of the essential tools ensuring that businesses leverage all the data wisely. Apart from Pentaho Data Integration, the ETL market’s competitive landscape also features companies such as Improvado, EasyMorph, A2X for Amazon, Anypoint Platform, Funnel, K3, Upsolver, Panoply, Snowplow Insights, Blendo, APPSeCONNECT, Etleap, TIBCO Jaspersoft, CloverDX and Domo.

Pentaho’s latest updates also facilitate tools such as Spark and Kafka stream processing models along with security add-ons. It is a complete package for anyone planning to leverage data for the growth of their business. Even statistics suggest that the ETL market is growing at an exponential rate. This provides prime opportunities to businesses for expanding their resourcefulness in the market by leveraging the right tools.

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