The present is an era where things are fast turning digital. From groom hunting to online dating, everything is now working on a virtual level. So, it is time that we stop boring our special guests with the same old paper invitations.

Have you ever imagined what happens to those cards we use to invite guests for special events and occasions? They simply lay all stacked up amidst piles of dust and rubbish. Not to mention, the kids use them for making paper boats or planes.

It’s high time you add some action and spice to the invites by going for video invitations. Creating awesome video invitations just go easy with the availability of ideas for cracking the process perfectly.

Many people are doing it in the right way, so why not you? With video trends catching fire, more and more people are racing towards recording virtual invitations for everything, starting from family dinners to church gatherings.

With just a smartphone in your hand and the most quality-based video invitation maker downloaded on it, you can make some of the most stunning video invitations. Follow the tips below to create perfect video invitations that make you the talk of the season and not the joke of the week:

Select Right Style and Form

This is the very first thing you need to consider. Online video invitation makers will surely leave you spoilt for choice by providing an assortment of options such as traditional invitations, invitation books, silver jubilee celebrations, and save the date video templates.

Keep the Invitation Short and Simple

Remember, the main point here is inviting people for an event and not narrating a parade of different earthy chattels or life stories. People do not have the time to listen to all that unwanted chatter. Video invitations with unnecessary content look shallow.

Hence, your main objective should be sticking to the point. Like written invitations where nothing but information about the event is presented, your video invite should have the same theme.

In your video invitation, you need to ensure that all information is clear regarding everything. The what, why, who, and where related to the event should come across lightly to the viewers or the invitees. If possible, include the theme and the dress code of the event.

Spin Stories around the Invitation While Keeping Things Short

One of the best ways of making your video invitation more enticing is simply by coming up with a story that narrates the occasion. Steer clear from including tiring details such as time, date, and venue.

Always go for customization. Add a bit of personal touch to the invites by sharing details about the event being celebrated. If it is a wedding, you can narrate the story of the couple, their first meeting together, and how they came up with the decision to get married.

Avoid Making Make-Up and Wardrobe Mistakes

If you have plans of including yourself in the video invitation, make sure your appearance is attractive and presentable. Put in some time in getting the right appearance. All the ladies out there do not just go on to emptying your makeup kit for no reason.

Keep your makeup minimal. If you are shooting with a professional, you can be easier with the painting or the makeup because there’s powerful lighting to cover up different colors. Make sure your entire grooming is in perfect sync with the theme and the tone of the video and also the occasion.

Remember, the guests will be taking a clue about their dressing from the way you present yourself in the video. So, if you are making an invite to a formal party, avoid wearing jeans or some other casual attire.

Do Not Miss Out On Slides

Creating a beautiful video invitation will get easier for you if you use an online slideshow maker. The tool will help you in creating a plethora of attractive video clips and slides. You can create slides that stand testimony of the beautiful memory or occasion you are celebrating.

And yes, do not forget to include pictures because they help in establishing an instant personal connection with the invitees. Try including candid shots in the video for making it fully customizable. Each picture should be accompanied by a blooper for narrating the memory or the details associated with it.

Put in Some Time into Graphics

Animation and the inclusion of the right graphics will make the video look lively and inviting. It is also logical to choose colors and graphics that match the theme of the event. Remember, there is a very thin line between making and breaking a video invitation.

The experts will know the difference better but if you are making invitations on your own, make sure they are an instant hit among the invitees. For this, if it requires working carefully on the animations, there’s nothing wrong with putting in some time into this.

Make the Invitation Exclusive

Remember the invitation you found on Facebook or WhatsApp? You loved it, right? Have you ever wondered why that invitation is still there in your head? That’s because it was unique and was way better than the other invitations on the platforms.

The same should work for you. You must try and make your video invitation unique by working on the opening lines and avoiding confusing words and phrases. Avoid repeating things. Best is to have your very own script that suits your style and brand.

Creating an exclusive video invitation is important because that will help you make a solid presence among the invitees. Use fun and creative fonts for sparking up things. The use of the right fonts can make a good difference in the feel and the look of your video.


Be the boss! Create fantastic and fully customized video invitations with the tips mentioned above and create a good impression among the invitees. Remember, your invitation should speak tons about your event. So, the guests are automatically directed to make their presence mandatory.

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