Every die-hard PC gamer dreams of their perfect gaming setup—the multi-colored LEDs, the insane graphics, and the control tower-esque monitor layout. Despite all your fantasizing, planning, and vision boarding (just kidding, you’re probably not vision boarding… not that it’s a bad idea though), your ideal gaming setup might still feel far from reach.

So how do you achieve a gaming setup that’ll withstand the hours you’re going to spend killing zombies, battling monsters, and exploring fantasy landscapes? This must-have guide will take you through our top five tips to creating the high-performance rig that’ll level-up as you do.

#1: Buy the Right PC

While your PC isn’t the be-all-end-all of your gaming setup, it sure is crucial to your enjoyment. For the best experience, you’ll want killer graphics, enough storage for all your games, and all within a reasonable price—remember, this won’t be the only expensive purchase of this process.

Here are some considerations to make when choosing the ideal personal computer for your unbeatable gaming rig:

  • Laptop or Desktop – While the portability of a laptop might initially sound appealing, unless you’re actually considering taking your gaming setup everywhere you go, it’s recommended that you stick to a robust desktop computer. Not only are they generally worth their price (and often cheaper), but they also offer far greater storage and reliability for years to come.
  • Graphics Card – If you have the budget and the monitor power (and want to experience the next generation of mind-blowing graphics), you’ll want an Nvidia RTX video card that enables ray tracing in real time. However, you don’t want to blow all your money on a high-powered graphics card if your monitor can’t handle it. Optimize for your other tech and your budget before selecting this vital component.
  • Storage – Of course, when many PC games require up to 100 GB of storage, you’ll want to purchase a machine that has enough space to support the games you love, and then some.
  • Customizability – Add-ons, custom upgrades, and accessorizing are what make your gaming setup unique and fun. Find a PC that’s made for creative gamers to customize into whatever bizarre lighting and imagery their hearts desire.

#2: Monitor Up

When it comes to buying another monitor for your gaming space, it’s not a question of if but how many. For an immersive, earth-shattering, cinematic experience, you’re going to want to purchase at least one high-def monitor to use as your main screen (but probably even more).

Focus on size and quality—you’ll want a monitor that can actually do these pristine games justice.

#3: Accessorize

What use is an insanely rigged-out gaming setup if you still have any old mouse and keyboard? Spend some time looking through gaming keyboards to find the perfect fit that you can operate at the lightning speed necessary to defeat your opponents and establish your superior skills. Don’t forget to choose a decent, ergonomic wireless mouse and a high-quality, lightweight gaming headset for unparalleled immersion.

#4: Invest in Good Furniture

If you want to spend hours fighting orcs or evading snipers, you’ll want to do so in as comfortable an environment as possible. Invest in a sturdy gaming desk with ample space for your monitors, computer tower, keyboard, and speakers.

5 PC Gaming Setup Tips

Most importantly, you’ll want an ergonomic gaming chair with heavy padding and adjustability to improve your posture, protect your neck, and act as your throne as you enact your fearsome reign over your competitors!

#5: Top it Off with Killer Lighting

Get your head in the zone with dynamic, enthralling lighting around your space. Either customize it onto your tank-like computer tower or line the corners of your room with cool, color-changing LED lights. For an extra nerdy upgrade, buy programmable LED strips so you can code your way to the perfect gaming environment.

Here are some other lighting ideas to take your gaming rig from lackluster to luminous:

  • A classic lava lamp.
  • Smart LED mounted wall panels.
  • Love fantasy games? This mushroom night light will put you right in an elven, dragon-slaying mood.
  • A neon sign with your favorite game logo or slogan.
  • Glowing sleep lamps for an ephemeral feel.

An Unbeatable Setup for Your Unbeatable Skills

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the high demands of creating the perfect gaming setup. If you could solve the mystery in Control, dominate in Doom Eternal, and craft mind-bending new quest lines in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, then you can do this, too.

Be brave, plan diligently, and put into this setup what you put into your games—hard work, strategic thinking, and a warrior spirit.

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