Frog Riding Beetle

Like a cowboy riding a bull, a daring frog enjoyed his own rodeo on a beetle – and stayed atop the insect for five minutes even as it tried to fly away. The adventurous flying frog leapt atop the black beetle and even put its front leg in the air in a bid to keep its balance.

Reported by Mail Online, “Photographer Hendy Mp captured the strange antics near his house in Sambas, Kalimantan Barat, in Indonesia.”

Cowboy Frog Enjoys Riding Beetle The flying frog managed to stay atop the woodboring beetle for around five minutes before eventually crawling off.

Cowboy Frog Enjoys His Own Little Rodeo

Adventurous Frog Riding A Beetle The green and orange frog even takes a moment to relax on top of his new friend, which ‘was just happily running around’.

Adventurous Frog Riding A Beetle Let me direct you: The flying frog, pictured with its front legs around the beetle’s claw-like antenna, sits comfortably as the insect moves.

Adventurous Frog Riding A Beetle

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