Spending so much time indoors can make your once welcoming home feel a bit dull. If you’re in need of a refresh, don’t open your favorite online furniture store just yet—all you have to do is rearrange some of your favorite pieces to revamp your space and give yourself a new outlook on your home.

Check out these five tips for furniture arrangement that can transform any mundane home into a marvelous masterpiece—for comfort and style, without breaking the bank!

#1: Cultivate Conversation

Arrange your living room chairs around a staple table to encourage conversation, the occasional highly-competitive board game night, or weekend wine downtime.

To add a little bit of spunk to your coffee table, don’t leave it blank—here are some suggestions for upgrading your teatime:

  • Arrange some chunky art books in a sort of geometric collage on your tabletop.
  • Cover the table surface with lush greenery in subdued white vases and bowls.
  • A solitary orchid will add a modern twist to an otherwise bare table.
  • Drape a beautiful faux cowhide blanket over one corner for some chic, Western flair.

#2: Go Off-the-Wall (Literally)

For improved foot traffic, better flow, and seemingly more space, push your furniture away from your walls. While this may sound counterintuitive, keeping your bigger pieces central to the room gives your space far more breathing room (and it’s easier to get around).

Strategically place large, beautiful mirrors around the area for yet another space-creating optical illusion. Position them in such a way that they reflect the light from the windows to brighten up your space—without blinding you.

#3: Create Activity Zones

Even if no one else is around, circling your furniture around key tables or free spaces allows for special nooks to form. There, you can indulge in some of your favorite hobbies, like:

#4: Get Fluffy

Comfort is everything when you’re changing up your room—what use is a gorgeous space if you can’t stand to sit in it for more than a few minutes?

Here’s how to fluff up your bedroom and living areas for a space that’s as comfy as it is cute:

  • Drape faux-fur blankets around key pieces of furniture or invest in a cheeky faux sheepskin area rug to place under a stripped-down wooden stool.
  • Don’t skimp on the high-tech comfort. If you’re willing to invest in a high-def TV for optimal viewing, you can also spend a bit more on a memory foam pillow that’ll upgrade your sleep (and your mornings).
  • Cover your couches with beaded, ornate, and fluffy pillows for a charming revamp on old upholstery. Get creative with your fabrics and take some risks with velvet accent pillows and gold tassels for a “let them eat cake”

5 Furniture Arrangement Tips

#5: Move Your Art Around

Sometimes, all you need to do to give your room a makeover is rearrange the composition of your walls. Take down all your art pieces, replace their frames to fit your desired aesthetic, and switch up their placement around the room.

Here are some tips for art arrangement that’ll make you feel like you stepped into a gallery:

  • House your pieces in miscellaneous vintage frames for a quirky look—place them against the wall avoiding as many perpendicular intersections as possible.
  • Mount your art pieces on canvases and wood blocks and place them in a perfect line horizontally across the entire perimeter of your room for a beachy, contemporary vibe.
  • Create a romantic arch around your bed, fireplace, or piano out of picture frames and art prints for a fresh take on a traditional display.

Rearrange Your Room, Rearrange Your Life

With all the thought, time, and energy you’re putting into switching up your living situation, you should be putting just as much effort into giving your daily routine a refresh. With your new conversation area, exchange fun new ideas and share stories with loved ones. Appreciate your freshly curated art collection and look at your pieces in a new light.

No matter what you choose to do in your made-over space, use it as an opportunity to cultivate a fresh new take on the world, see your life with new eyes, and embrace all the magic hiding in plain sight.

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