Drinking enough water is good for our body, but only if we drink good quality water. The water we consume has an adverse effect on our health and so it is very necessary to choose the right water purifier for our homes. We have several options available in the market for us to choose from. People assume that every water purifier does the same job but that is not true. The water conditions in every area are different and so different purification technologies would be required accordingly.

The health of your family depends on the water they consume so avoid making impulsive decisions when it comes to buying a water purifier. It is probably one of the most important decisions you will need to make. It is not as easy as it seems to buy a water purifier because too many factors need to be considered. You also need to check the water purifier price before choosing the right one.

Below are some important factors that must be considered while buying a water purifier for home:

  1. Water Quality

Checking the quality of water is the most important before you opt for any purifier. If the TDS level, hardness and salinity in the water found in your area is high then you must buy an RO water purifier. It has a semi-permeable membrane that will remove even the tiniest of dissolved salt, metals and impurities.

  1. Types of Water Purifiers

There are a number of water purification technologies available in the market. To be able to make the right decision, understanding all these water purifier technologies is important. After you have considered all the important factors such as the water quality, budget etc., you are free to choose among RO, UV and UF (gravity-based) water purifiers.

  1. Contamination

The common contaminants present in water are bacteria, nitrate, dissolved pesticides and lead. These contaminants and its amount can be tested in any laboratory. You will need to install a RO+UV+UF filtration as an intelligent choice if the water that is supplied to your home is high in microbes and contaminants. The UV effect is useful in radiation the water as well as penetrating the cells of bacteria and viruses that destroy the ability to reproduce. The organisms will not be able to multiply and die eventually. The job of the RO membrane is to remove all these dead germs and contaminants from water, which makes it fit and healthy for us to consume.

  1. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is another important factor to be considered. Because, in areas where there are frequent power cuts, you will need a water purifier that has a higher storage capacity. You also get automated water purifiers that start purification as soon as the water level in the purifier goes down.

  1. Certifications

Every well-renowned brand will receive certifications; a very important factor is to check in water purifier reviews in these certifications. Only the water purifiers that are certified will ensure that the brand is authentic and trustworthy.

  1. Maintenance and After Sales Services

Only buying the best water purifier is not enough, because a purifier needs maintenance and after-sales services. Therefore, it is very necessary to get all the information that is necessary regarding maintenance and after-sales services of water purifiers. If the purifier is not properly maintained then it will become useless.

These important factors must be considered while you are looking for a water purifier. RO UV water purifier would be the best choice for you. Because with increasing pollution drinking purified clean water has become a necessity in order to prevent any disease.

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