How often do you watch video content online daily? I’m guessing it’s much more than you can keep track of. With the growth and domination of video-friendly social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, our daily consumption of video content has increased on a massive scale. Add to that, Social Media Marketing platforms like Sociic,, QQTUBE etc., make it really easy for users to make their YouTube videos viral. It’s not just limited to that, with OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc. we are on a binge-watch mode every other day. So, a large portion of our time is spent on watching videos.

Have you ever wondered what all goes into creating that video and presenting it in front of audiences like you and me? Well, a lot of retakes and creativity, that’s for sure. Another important aspect that has a huge role to play when it comes to assembling and putting the art together is the process of video editing. Video editing has a massive role to play in creating any sort of video. Let’s delve deeper into what exactly is a video editing and the pros and cons of the latest automated video editing tools.

Understanding Video Editing

In a layman’s term, the video editing process can be understood as the art of polishing and perfecting the video by eliminating any errors in the shots and filling any potholes present. It can be understood more like a tool that helps to connect all the bits of the puzzle and presenting a masterpiece to the audience. It is used to give the video clips a proper structure and present the whole information in a very precise, effective, and creative way. Anybody who creates a video leverages the video editing tools and software to some extent.

Some Prominent Advantages & Disadvantages Of Automated Video Editing

The higher the stakes, the more you are dependent on the video editing tools to present a creative masterpiece. A free promo video maker without watermark can make your video look more professional. Earlier, the video creation and editing process was a lot more complicated and was limited to professionals. In today’s digital era, it’s much different with the video editing software. Invideo has all essential features that some of the best free video editor for windows offer to create a professional video in just a few minutes. Let’s explore some of the major pros and cons of the automated video editing process.

Pros Of Automated Video Editing

  • Efficient video editing

One of the most important reasons why automated video editing tools and software are growing in popularity is the efficiency factor. Creating and editing a video using automated software is not just easy but also very time-saving. You don’t have to spend hours editing your video, and you can utilize the inbuilt features to perfect your videos quickly. It provides a more organized approach to editing your videos.

  • Instant access and organization

Automated and digital video editing allows a faster and creative way to edit and create the video. Raw footage can be used to tell the story, and the video can be written while editing. The digital video editing tools can collect and organize the raw clips on a convenient computer timeline. This gives a more organized approach to editing the videos effectively.

  • Cost-effective

The modern automated video editing tools are a lifesaver when you are operating on a low budget and can’t allocate funds to hiring a professional video editor. For new marketers and influencers who rely heavily on using video content in their online business, automated video editing tools are the best bet, even for small businesses that want to be more active online. The frequency of content posting required is on the higher side, and hiring a professional for all your videos is simply not feasible.

  • Inbuilt video enhancing tools

One of the best parts about using automated video editing tools is the number of inbuilt features and options available for the user. From image and music library to other customize templates, there are tons of resources available for you to use without spending a single penny. However, the variety of free to use inbuilt features varies greatly depending upon which automated video editing platforms you are using. You have a decent number of options available with a majority of these editing tools.

  • Flexibility on social media channels

Most of the automated video editing tools offer you an option to directly export your video on your social media channels. They even provide you with the options to customize the dimensions of your video as per your posting requirements. For example, the aspect ratio of 1:1 works well with Instagram, and you can easily do that by selecting an option from the menu. Given that most of these videos are used for social media marketing, this feature comes very handy for everyone.

Cons Of Automated Video Editing 

  • Limited customization

One of the major disadvantages or limitations of using an automated video editing tool is the limited customization available to edit the video as per your specific needs. A lot of automated video editing software allows customization, but the degree of customization is somewhat limited. If you are very particular about your video and need some specifics, then the automated video editing tools won’t be of much help. Also, you have less flexibility in editing your video as you have to settle for some editing features and use the inbuilt options available.

  • Not practical for large scale projects

In some cases, using automated video editing tools is simply not practical, and you will need to hire a professional video editor to do the job. You can’t explain the in-depth intricacies of your video to an AI software, and this limits your creativity to an extent. If you don’t want to compromise with your creativity, then you should not opt for automated video editing tools in case of large scale projects.

  • Needs human intervention

Although the automated video editing tools do a lot of your editing work, it still needs constant guidance and human intervention for editing your video. So if you think that you won’t have to do anything if you are using automated video editing tools, then you are wrong. You will need to put your input and some creativity into the video creation process.

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