If you’re going to protect your pickup truck, one of the best things you can do is to install a bed liner. Several protective liners for your truck bed are available. It’s a matter of choosing what you want to use, based on the purpose of the truck, the items you usually haul, and your budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose either a mat bed liner or a rug bed liner, which are both removable and inexpensive. If you want something in the middle price range, choose a drop-in bed liner. This should be customized to fit the dimensions of your truck bed, as it requires a tight fit to protect the metal surface of the bed.

But if you want durability and longevity, choose a bedliner spray.

What is a spray-in or spray-on bed liner?

A spray-in or spray-on bed liner (the terms are interchangeable within the industry) comes in different formulations. Likewise, the process methods vary. It can be polyurea or polyurethane, aromatic or aliphatic, solvent-based, hybrid, or low pressure. The performance of a certain type of spray-in bed liner relies on the primary surface preparation of the truck bed.

The spray-on bed liners vary in color and texture. Some people prefer a smoother texture for easier cleaning. Others choose a rougher texture so items in the truck do not roll or skid.

The thickness of the sprayed bed liner depends on your requirements and budget. Thinner coatings may be less expensive but they may crack and chip. Thicker coatings, on the other hand, may change the shape of the truck bed. Experts suggest that the maximum thickness of the spray-on materials should be 1/4 inch on the truck bed, and 1/8 inch on the sides and wheel wells.

Correct application

You should hire a professional to apply the spray-in bed liner. The correct application of the material will form a protective layer that will prevent scratching and denting. The material holds its shape firmly, with just the right amount of flexibility to prevent cracking while the truck navigates rough terrain, which normally jars the truck and whatever materials are in it. The layer of spray-on bed liner absorbs vibration. Likewise, the material makes the covered surface waterproof.

The longevity of spray-on bed liner

A professional has the skill and training to properly apply the spray-on bed liner, ensuring that the surface of the truck bed and other exposed metal that needs protection has a smooth and even surface, ensuring that the entire surface will have an equal amount of protection. Moreover, the professional applicator knows how to prepare the metal surface to ensure proper adherence by the protective coating.

Given the many benefits that a spray-on bed liner gives, your investment is worth it. When given the right maintenance, it can last the useful life of the vehicle itself. This means that the spray-in bed liner can last between seven and ten years. With these benefits and the bed liner’s lifespan, the decision to choose a spray-on bed liner rests with you.

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