Shipping your car across the country may seem impossible, but it is pretty simple. Preparing your vehicle correctly is vital to successful and hassle-free transport.

If you have a few things in mind before you ship your car, you can make this process easier for yourself and the driver. Here are five tips to help you safely transport your vehicle.

Check the Vehicle’s Condition

When you’re ready to ship your car across the country, the first thing to do is check its condition. It will ensure you’re taking time to make crucial decisions, such as which insurance company to use or whether to buy gap protection for extra coverage.

This step is vital as it helps you and the driver see any existing damage. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the damage to keep your records.

It will help you avoid buying a lemon and spending more money on repairs later. Additionally, you’ll be able to spot any red flags right away.

Secure the Vehicle

While transporting your vehicle across the country, it is vital to secure it. It will help prevent it from moving around in transit and protect it from damage.

Car Shipping Florida companies frequently use wheel straps or tie-down ratchets to fasten vehicles to their trailers and trucks. It guarantees that your car won’t budge off the trailer while being transported.

Removing anything from the trailer or truck that might jiggle about is also a good idea. It could include phone holders, portable DVD players, car chargers, and other electronics.

Remove Personal Items

The best way to go about this is by planning. A little forethought goes a long way regarding safely transporting your prized possession. There are better ways to go about it than leaving your belongings at home, so do yourself a favor and let a professional take the reins for you. Some more responsible folks might even take home the prize themselves in a nip and tuck.

Remove Accessories

It’s a good idea to remove any accessories that might be hazardous to the vehicle itself or cause damage to other items onboard. It includes fender flares, spoilers, and side skirts, to name a few. Also, removing any extra wheels that are not needed for the trip is a good idea. It will save you from a lot of wear and tear down the road.

It’s a good idea to ensure that you have all your essential documents, such as insurance paperwork and driver’s license, in the vehicle before you go. It will provide you won’t have to scramble for important documents while in transit, reducing your stress levels. The best way to do this is by letting your insurance agent know about the move in advance so they can prepare accordingly.

Fill the Tires

When traveling, it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is inspected correctly before transporting it across the country. It includes providing the tires are in good condition and inflated to their correct pressure.

Keeping the tires properly inflated will help keep you safe on the road, improve fuel efficiency, and save money at the pump. It is especially true if you’re traveling long distances or planning a vacation!

To check your tires’ air pressure, locate the tire gauge affixed to the driver’s side door or inside the glove box. Position the air hose nozzle over the valve stem and fill each tire with the appropriate air, adding air in short bursts until the gauge reads the manufacturer’s recommended psi.

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