Savanna Animals Took The Paris Metro

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Animals in Paris Metro

Amusing series of Savanna animals taking the Paris Metro created by photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil. In their digital photo project called Animetro, animals like giraffe can be seen poking its head out of a train window, and a lion (king of the jungle) passing through the ticket entrance. The full series is on view at the Millesime Gallery in Paris until April 17.

Thomas Subtil also created this funny Hakuna Matata photo series, showcased in the past, wherein he creatively featured wild African animals in funny and unusual situations.

Animetro: Photo Series of Animals in Paris Metro


If Savanna Animals Took the Subway

Amusing Photos Show What It Would Be Like If Animals Took The Paris Metro

Savanna Animals Took Paris Metro

Animals in Paris Metro

Animals in Paris Metro

Animals in Paris Metro

Images © Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil – via: theatlanticcities

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