Grandmother Digs Up Duck-Shaped Potato

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Duck-Shaped Potato

Grandmother Dorothea Clinton, 73, unearthed a peculiar potato – shaped exactly like a duck. She was left stunned after digging up this duck-shaped potato from the allotment near her home in Peaton, Shropshire. Retired farm worker is now refusing to eat it – and has proudly put it on display in her shed.

She said: “I just pulled it out the ground and I thought “Ooh, it’s a duck“. It’s just so lovely, all the other potatoes were normal but the duck was unmistakable. ‘We normally eat everything we produce from the garden but I can’t bring myself to eat this one, it’s got a kind of strange sentimental value to me now.”

Duck-Shaped Potato

via: dailymail

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