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LEGO Travellers: Adventurous LEGO Couple Travel The Globe Taking Stunning Photos

LEGO Travellers Couple The twosome hit Australia’s famous Bondi Beach, in New South Wales.

Craig and Lindsey, both 31, from Scotland love to travel around the world and they take holiday pictures of their travels made of LEGO. Craig got inspiration for these miniature tourists made of Lego when he was thinking of things to get his girlfriend for her 30th birthday and he came across a little Lego camera.

“Lindsey always has the camera for taking pictures and I carry the map and a bag with our things, so I made two Lego figures to represent us – Lego Lindsey with the camera and Lego me with the map and rucksack.

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Jeff Friesen’s 50 States of LEGO

Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen created a fun series of Lego scenes depicting 50 states of United States. He created his “50 States of Lego” project using his 7-year-old daughter‘s brick collection.

Friesen said that though he kept a list of sketches and ideas for each state, many times his limited set of bricks guided the work. But when it comes down to it, creating and shooting the Lego scenes is just a fun project to amuse him and his daughter on their afternoons spent together.

You can check out the photos for all 50 states on his website.


50 States of Lego

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15 Incredible Examples of Lego Creations

Lego model of Buckingham Palace A model of Buckingham Palace on display at Lego land in Windsor

Lego art has gained impressive prominence over the last few years. Many of us pack away our Lego bricks by the time we reach adulthood but many artists from all over the world and of all ages have carried on their love and give lively expressions to their ideas using Lego bricks.

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The World’s First Lego Colosseum

World's First Lego Colosseum

Australia’s only Lego certified professional build the world’s first Lego Colosseum, for Nicholson Museum, using more than 200,000 Lego bricks. The Lego Colosseum model presented in cross-section, half in its ruined form, and half as it was when Rome’s original Colosseum was completed.

About 60,000 bricks have gone into the ”backstage” areas underneath the main stadium – dungeons full of condemned prisoners and gladiators preparing to fight, and cages of exotic animals for the slaughter. The corridors even feature tiny wooden torches. ~ source

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Human Heart Made of Lego Bricks

Lego Human Heart Anatomically correct human heart made of Lego bricks with amazing details.

New York-based full-time freelance artist Nathan Sawaya creates awe-inspiring works with Lego bricks. He accepts commissions from individuals, corporations, and … well just about anyone with a good idea!

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