Grow Beard with Cat ~ Photograph by: Rudy Design

Cat beard is the latest bizarre viral photo trend that involves positioning a cat in front of your face in such a manner that your face appear above a cat’s head. If you get the right perspective, the cat’s fur will look like you have a strange beard covering your face.

The first known example of cat beard photo was uploaded by a Tumblr user in 2011, but this has become quite a trend in 2013. Here are some humorous examples of cat beards. If you’d like to participate in this latest meme with your own cat, just tag your photo with the hashtag #catbeard on your favorite photo sharing service.

Funny Beard with cat~ Photograph by: Zulfadli

Funny Cat Bearding~ Photography by: T-Files

Funny Cat Beard~ Photograph by: Fighting Crime

Funny Cat Beards~ Photograph by: Briana Nguyen

Cat Bearding~ Photograph by: Paul Clark

Bizarre Beard with Cat~ Photograph by: Facebook Hero

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