Famous Faces In A Crowd

Atlanta-based artist Craig Alan, 40, has created paintings of famous celebrities from the aerial photographs of hundred of people making a formation.

His painstaking efforts are well-rewarded though – a single piece can sell for up to $50,000. Craig Alan has created paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley and also the Statue of Liberty. The intricate paintings are predominantly black-and-white, with just a flash of red in the lips of the Monroe and Hepburn pieces. ~ source

Crowd Portrait of Famous People

Aerial Photography Portrait by Craig Alan

Artist’s Source of Inspiration

The artist says he first came up with the idea after after taking photos of the street from the sixth floor of an apartment block.

I was at my mother’s apartment in Alabama watching people on the beach from the sixth story balcony,’ he explained. I started photographing them and then I noticed a pattern through the camera. In one shot, the group of people appeared to have formed an eye on the screen – this started my creative wheels turning.

Mr Alan says the decision to recreate familiar celebrity faces was an easy one.

Famous Faces in a crowd

Famous Faces in a Crowd

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