Face Painting By Daizy Design

Face painting is a great source of entertainment, children and even adults can’t resist on getting in on the fun! New Zealand-based body painting artist Christy Lewis, aka Daizy, takes face painting art to the next level.

“When somebody asks for an animal or creature, I love painting something so extreme that when they look in the mirror they no longer see their own face, but that animal staring back at them,”

Lewis has two daughters and a son who she likes transforming into everything from wild animals to superheroes with the help of professional-grade cosmetic face paints. Then, her husband Mark sets up a photo-shoot where they get to show off their makeup.

Face Painting By Daizy Design

Face Painting By Daizy Design

Face Painting by Christy Lewis

Face Painting By Daizy Design

Not Your Average Kids Face Painting From New Zealand

Daizy Design Takes Face Painting To The Next Level

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Remarkable Face Painting From New Zealand's Daizy Design

Amazing Kids Face-Painting From Daizy Design

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Daizy Design Face Painting

New Zealand-Based Artist Turns Her Kids' Faces Into Fantasy Creatures

Visit her site for more of her artwork: Daizy Design

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