Poster Campaign Against Rude Parisians Hop it! A frog jumps over the barriers to the dismay of his fellow passengers.

RATP, the city’s transport authority, has launched a poster campaign aimed at ‘educating’ locals in how to behave. Likening Parisians to animals, it shows a variety of them horrifying onlookers with their selfish behavior.

Sociologist Julien Damon, who helped carry out the RATP survey, said: ‘These types of bad behavior have always existed, but what has changed is that we are less prepared to tolerate them.

‘Our behavior is more and more geared towards cleanliness and hygiene, like spitting on the ground or smoking in a restaurant now both very frowned upon, and less about common courtesies like simply being polite and nice to each other.’

Poster Campaign Against Rude Parisians

‘Parisians can be very rude – some are arrogant to admit it. A change in attitude is long overdue and if this campaign brings it about so much the better.’

According to a survey commissioned by the RATP, 63 per cent of respondents who admitted to poor etiquette said the ads made them stop and think about their own attitude on public transport.

The poll found 97 per cent of RATP passengers had witnessed ‘uncivil’ behavior on Paris buses and on metro lines.

Poster Campaign Against Rude Parisians Stop clucking: This ad, featuring a woman who looks like a hen, jabbering on her mobile.

Poster Campaign Against Rude Parisians A llama spits chewing gum on the platform – a practice bosses hope Parisians won’t repeat.

French Admit they are rude

via: dailymail

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