Cookie Monsters and Other Baked Nightmares

Artist, photographer, model and creative baker Christine McConnell created a remarkable series of baked nightmares with a terrifying cookie monster, a satanic birthday cake, spine-chilling chocolate tarantulas, and even an Alien Facehugger!

To keep the entire pieces 100% edible they are glued together using delicious caramel and other sticky goodies.

Cookie Monsters, Spiders, And Snakes In Dark Confectionery Series By Christine McConnell

Strange World Of Horror Cakes And Cookie Monsters

Monster Cookies and Baked Demons by Christine H McConnell

Scary Cookie Monsters, Spiders And Baked Demons

Cookie Monster! Terrifying Cookies by Christine McConnell

Cookie Monsters

Cookie Monsters and Other Baked Nightmares by Christine McConnell

Visit her website for more work: Christine McConnell – via: reddit

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