Most motorcycle owners are well aware that the proper helmet is crucial for rider safety, for, according to the CDC, “Helmets saved an estimated 1,859 lives in 2016.”

Riders likely also wear heavy jackets just in case of an accident. They might even wear boots and pants for further protection.

However, one piece of motorcycle gear that tends to get pushed under the radar is motorcycle riding gloves. Protecting your hands is essential, and Chaparral Motorsports is one of the top motorcycle parts retailers in the country. They sell parts, accessories, and clothing for motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and motocross riders in San Bernardino, CA and online nationwide.

If you’re looking for protective gear, they’re a good place to start, not to mention they have many different kinds of gloves to choose from, such as gauntlet gloves, short cuff gloves, dirt bike gloves, adventure gloves, sportbike gloves, and cruiser gloves.

In terms of the gloves you should choose, it comes down to preference, but we do want to state the benefits of hard knuckle gloves, as well as comfort.

Hard knuckle gloves are designed to provide extra protection to the knuckles and palms of your hand, making them great for bumpy rides or peace of mind as they provide that extra protection. Unlike bulky gloves that also provide extra protection, hard knuckle gloves are breathable and allow you to easily grip the handlebar and use the controls.

The problem with bulky gloves is that it can be harder to grip the handlebar and press the controls. While these are sought after during the winter, max comfort is essential when it comes to riding. That’s why we suggest hard knuckle gloves if you know your ride is going to be bumpy or if you want more protection just in case.

We also recommend waterproof or heated gloves in the winter or when mother nature decides to get hectic. You can’t always guess the weather, but you can be prepared for everything by packing waterproof or heated gloves.

Waterproof gloves can help keep water at bay and allow your hands to not slip while riding. It’s not always easy to grip a wet and cold handlebar, but technology has come a long way and waterproof gloves (that are still breathable) have only improved over the years. Likewise, heated gloves can keep your hands warm, making driving bearable during the colder months if you decide to ride year-round. Even still, it’s ideal to have some form of heated gloves if you’re going on long road trips so you can prepare for everything, especially if you ride at night.

A helmet is arguably the most important protective gear to wear while riding a motorcycle, but we can’t stress the importance of protecting your hands as well. After all, if you do have a spill, good practice and protocol suggests you should protect your face and head with your hands. If you have hard knuckle gloves on, as an example, you can provide protection for your hands and limit the amount of possible damage from the fall and terrain.

Of course, your comfort plays a big role as well. If your gloves aren’t breathable and your hands are sweating, or if they’re too bulky and you struggle to grip the handlebar and use the controls, then that can have a negative effect on your driving capabilities.

Riding a motorcycle should be an adventure every time you start your engine, but just like all adventures, it’s important to prioritize your safety. Hard knuckle gloves can provide a lot of protection, but quality motorcycle gloves of any kind should be worn on every ride.

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