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10 Realistic Vexel Portraits 

“Vexel” is the word we get when we combine the words vector and pixel. Instead of using vector-based lines, shapes, and polygons to create an image, a vexel is typically created using a raster program’s support for transparent layers. Vexel art can look stunning when…


Edible Scenery on Plates 

Alexander Crispin is a talented photographer who has photographed food in the most delightful ways. Usually playing with foods is something that is not appreciated but you will have to change your mind after seeing this creative scenery on plates.


The Girl Who Loves To Levitate 

Beautiful girl, Natsumi Hayashi, from Japans loves to take her levitating photos. Her incredible self-portraits show her flying around Tokyo. The most beautiful thing about her shots is that they don’t feel forced, she has a way of making us feel as though she naturally…