Have you ever been to a coffee shop with a terrible ambiance – the kind that makes you vow never to return? In a place where people go for the experience, a poorly designed cafe leaves a strong impression. Anyone can cook good food and coffee at home, which is why the cafe industry pulls out all the stops in cultivating attractive interiors and fresh furniture.

A great vibe and interior design could be the right tool to set yourself apart from your competitors. While there may be a million and one ways to tackle your coffee shop decor – like these simple yet elegant hairpin legs – there are a few universal sweet spots that will keep your customer base coming back for more.

  1. Choose a Great Location

When it comes to any eating establishment, location is key. Your location should reflect the type of customer base you went to attract. The place you choose to set up your business will determine the menu, flux of customers, and demographics of your clients.

Depending on the type of experience you want to deliver, consider:

  • A corner bistro at a busy junction to attract morning business.
  • A novel coffeehouse in a cozy neighborhood with minimal competition.
  • A commercial cafe in a prime location like an outlet or a mall.
  1. Coffee Shop Colors and Materials

Your coffee shop or cafe’s interior aesthetic will set the stage for the rest of your space. What kind of experience do you want to offer your guests; cozy and chic, clean and modern, artsy, and entertaining? The best coffee shops interior combines a variety of color schemes and materials to enhance the visuals of your space. On the other hand, a poor environment can make your coffee shop appear bland and boring. Add visual interest with complementary colors, textures, materials, and designs, like these hairpin legs that can be attached to a variety of tabletops.

  1. Invest in an Exterior

When you’re focused on getting your coffee shop to look, it’s best; it’s easy to forget about the exterior of your space. Skimping on the external features can quickly reduce your commercial attraction. Instead, warmly welcome and invite people in with tall windows that showcase prime seating, beautiful hairpin legs, or delicious food display.

Invest in attractive signage that emulates individualism and reflects your brand to attract your desired guests.

  1. Pick the Right Lighting

Great lighting is the compass of a brilliant design. This significance is even more so in cozy coffee shops and eateries. The lighting you choose to encourage appetite and sets the nuance of your space. Adversely, glaring fluorescent pendant or sputtering halogen lights may alienate your customer base. Set the mood of your bistro with a range of soft ambient recessed, accented wall mounts, and decorative features paired with plenty of airy natural lighting.

  1. Stimulate the Senses

The primary focus of your coffee shop design should be to stimulate your guest’s senses and encourage appetite. You might be wondering how exactly does one accomplish this? The answer is designing with color psychology in mind. The experts have determined that golden ambiance paired with russet tones subconsciously stimulates a person’s appetite. This is why you see many restaurant interiors with warm tones of browns, golds, and reds. Before you go out and buy red and yellow tables, tops, and legs, it’s important to keep in mind that this may not be your best option for a cozy coffee shop. Instead, opt for a neutral tabletop and sleek hairpin legs, and incorporate colorful art, warm accents, and gold lighting to accomplish the effect.

  1. Balance Function and Layout

Layout is one of the most critical pieces of your coffee shop interior. Some opt for design in booth while others go for traditional tables and chairs or oversized loveseats and couches. Whatever your theme will be, it’s essential to find a balance between layout, function, and aesthetics. When you need table bases that compliment your theme without taking away for design, incorporate simple yet attractive hairpin legs into your design.

  1. Consider Gastronomic Analogy

Gastronomic analogy isn’t just a Buzzfeed “phrase of the day.” In architecture, it refers to the physical manifestation of food in design. The idea of gastronomic analogy is to design your space with a specific food or drink in mind, especially one that you are trying to market. Think oozing chocolate dripping down the walls or fiberglass pendant lights hint towards coffee beans (if you don’t want to be so literal). There is a reason that Starbucks is draped in rich browns, wooden tables, and leather couches – and that is because gastronomic analogy works!

A coffee shop design is the pairing of several various visual aspects. Everything from the layout, function, lighting, colors, materials, and theme should be carefully considered to bring forth a relaxing environment with beautiful visuals while stimulating the appetite.

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