Cessna Aircraft Converted Into A Car

Car-enthusiast cop Jeff Bloch has converted an abandoned Cessna aircraft into a car. Using parts from a Toyota van Jeff even takes the vehicle through drive throughs and fills up at petrol stations. The car reached top speeds of 70mph at a South Carolina race.

The 27-foot vehicle was originally built for the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina, US, but since then, Jeff has made the car street legal. Needless to say, Jeff’s plane/car gets a lot of looks and makes heads turn when it hits the road. At first, most people think a plane has crashed — but then, they slowly realize what they’re looking at.

To gain more speed and power another speed demon strapped cruise missile engine to his car and now he reaches speeds of up to 300mph.

Picture: Barcroft Cars – via: AOL

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