We have seen amazing coffee art examples in the past but did you ever thought of using coffee as ink for painting? This is what exactly the Brazilian artist Dirceu Vegia does. He creates amazing coffee paintings using 100% coffee as ink.

Dirceu Vegia is a Brazilian designer living in Curitiba (south of Brazil). He started his career in 1994 as an illustrator artist for children’s book in several publishing companies. In 2007 he started to mix his two passions: coffee and illustrations. Let’s take a look at some of his creative coffee art paintings.

Charlie Chaplin Coffee Painting

Charlie Chaplin Coffee Paint by Dirceu Vegia

Amy Winehouse Coffee Painting

Amy Winehouse Coffee Paint by Dirceu Vegia

Elvis Presley Coffee Painting

Elvis Presley Coffee Painting by Dirceu Vegia

Marylin Monroe Coffee Painting

Marylin Monroe Coffee Paint by Dirceu Vegia

Steve Jobs Coffee Painting

Steve Jobs Coffee Paint by Dirceu Vegia

Girl in Coffee: Coffee Painting

Girl in Coffee Paint by Dirceu Vegia

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