A dominant mother pig typically gives birth to more male piglets than subordinate sows.

Melina Gerosa Bellows is the Chief Creative Officer for National Geographic, she recently released a book called “Mother’s Love”. Each photograph shows animal moms as they nurture, play, teach, and protect their young.

Born blind and deaf, kittens depend on their mother’s sense of sight and hearing, navigating the world by touch, taste, and smell for the first three weeks of life.

Animals Mother's Love Photo Mother dogs lick their newborn pups clean, biting off each umbilical cord—an essential step in the bonding process.

Animals Mother's Love Photo Newborn sea otters can float, but they can’t swim. Mothers balance them on their stomachs.

Animals Mother's Love Photo Giraffe mothers give birth on their feet—and their newborns drop six feet to the ground, headfirst. The fall actually helps them take first breaths.

Animals Mother's Love Photo A mare chooses the company her newborn keeps. Older siblings and trusted humans may approach, but she wards off all others.

Animals Mother's Love Photo A mother dolphin may whistle to her calf almost continuously for several days after giving birth. This acoustic imprinting helps the calf learn to identify its mother.

You can buy this book from National Geographic for only $9.95.

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