Is your app ready for launch? You’ve verified, designed, and developed your app, but have you done with mobile app QA testing? If not, you need to think about mobile app testing services first because the top reason why people delete mobile applications after installing from Google Play Store and Android App Store is that they are dissatisfied with the app that you’ve designed and developed for them. The reason can be varied according to users’ requirements.   

In one study, we’ve found:  

  • About 42% of individuals uninstall the app from smartphones when they see the user interface design is extremely poor. The traits of a bad UI can be unresponsiveness and sluggishness. The app can be hard for people to understand.   
  • 59% of users don’t like the application when it gives a very slow performance or takes time to open the page. Usually, if the app doesn’t open within 2 seconds, then they decide to delete the mobile application from their phones.   
  • Approximately 37% of people delete the apps due to installation or crash issues or when it fails to meet their expectations.   

Mobile Application Testing Service Provider is a Business Saver  

The mobile app testing service provider has technology expertise and domain expertise to deliver high-performing and robust mobile applications to businesses. Moreover, they have automated services to make sure that the app you’ve built will provide superior customer experiences across mobile devices.   

They can give you a guarantee of ample regression coverage, time-to-market and help you obtain high scores on customer experience indexes.   

Apart from that, it is always recommended to choose the best software testing company for mobile app testing services because their experts have enterprise-level of strategies, the latest testing tools, resources or large infrastructures, digital methodologies to optimize cost up to 30% via parallel execution on mobile devices, to enhance customer experience by leveraging company’s intellectual property which gives better visibility to into potential and user issues.   

You can get end-to-end mobile testing solutions to gain the optimum performance metrics in business. Furthermore, mobile app testing services can help you accelerate time-to-market while minimizing effort by up to 50%.  

Therefore, it is essential to assure the quality of mobile applications after the validation, designing, and development process.   

Why do Mobile Apps Need QA Testing?  

If you’re using any mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, indeed, you will have various applications in that particular device. Now, your mobile device has some inbuilt features such as Gallery or Photos, Music, E-mails, Voice Memos, Video, messages, notes.   

All these features you may use on a daily basis. You’re using your smartphone for more than 6 months or a year, and you’ve downloaded some apps in it like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Zoom, WhatsApp, Zomato, Amazon, Myntra, etc. Now you may use Snapchat and Instagram more than Facebook due to their best User Interfaces, features, or you are extremely satisfied with those apps because of their user-friendliness, performance, reliability, security.  

The satisfaction that you get from any app is called user satisfaction, which means you want to use that app more because it helps you fulfill your expectations. Here are some factors that help you know that the mobile app needs QA testing.   

Complex UI   

Logical navigation and a convenient user interface are the foundation for a great UX. The better UI you will have in any mobile app, the more chances your app will be rank higher among alternative digital products. However, if the app UI is of complex nature and difficult to understand for your target users, you need to understand that the time has come to hire a mobile app testing service provider.   

With the best mobile application testing company, you can make your application simple and easy to use. Of-course it is important to check the functionality of a mobile app, but the most important thing is it should be simple as well. It is the fundamental characteristic that plays a significant role in improving the quality of your application.   

If you want to give simplicity to your end users through the mobile application, you need to choose the best mobile application testing service provider for mobile app testing services that cover UI testing, which is a type of software testing in which visual elements are verified to ensure that they are functioning as per the design requirements. UI (User Interface) testing is also called GUI testing, and it helps make the app’s functions bug-free.   

Poor Security   

Mobile app testing services are important because it helps us improve the security of an app. Secure apps allow users to keep their personal data safe. Security has always been a major concern for your users. Besides, the secure applications help users build a loyal connection with the app owner.   

Mobile application security testing ensures that there are not any loopholes in the mobile app that may cause data loss. With this test, you can identify the possible vulnerabilities and threats that would allow systems or external persons to access private data saved in the files of the mobile device.   

Confidentiality, Integrity, Authorization, Authentication, Availability, Non-repudiation are some of the security requirements you can fulfill with mobile app testing.   

Slow Performance   

Remember that you’ve made a clone of any mobile app, which means users have other options as well, or they have the right to choose other applications if you can’t give them a high-speed app’s experience. The mobile application that you’ve designed and developed for your audience should work fast.   

For any mobile application, performance is very crucial. If your mobile application doesn’t perform well, you need to stay ready to see the high uninstallation rates because the end-user takes a few seconds to uninstall your application and find another application that is thoroughly tested and works better.   

Always test the performance of your mobile application from the best mobile app testing service provider who has a detailed understanding of device performance, server performance, and network performance. The one who knows how to test the mobile application before releasing it to the end-user. You need those companies which are capable of providing quality assurance for your newly designed app.   

Up Your Game with QA   

Quality assurance is essential for mobile applications. People delete apps after facing installation or crash errors a number of times. They don’t have a tolerance capacity for bad mobile apps. Quality assurance defines as processes and attitudes needed to assure that ready-for-market mobile apps perform as intended during the design phase. QA (Quality assurance) allows the delivery of mobile apps with the highest possible quality standards.   

Quality assurance is more than testing. Every part of the mobile app development life cycle can have an influence on quality. It would be great if you hire a mobile app testing service provider  or a mobile app testing company with a QA mindset. The experts should know how to build quality into the mobile app from the beginning. They should have effective QA strategies to address the functionality, performance, usability, security, and cross-platform issues. Otherwise, you will be easy to out from the mobile app market.   

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