World's Largest Opah Fish

A fisherman may have tipped the scales after catching what may be the world’s biggest Opah fish – tipping the scales at more than 12 stone. After a gruelling 30 minute battle with the mighty fish, fisherman, Joe Ludlow, 47, managed to haul the whopper on board.

Weighing in at 181 pounds, the mammoth catch managed to outweigh the current record by 18 pounds. But in bizarre twist, two other anglers alongside Joe also managed an unprecedented feat by each catching an Opah on the same day. (L-R Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow and Travis Savala)

Not only is opah rare to catch on any sportfishing boat, but it is extremely rare to land three in one day. Two other opah fishes were hooked Friday, too, but only three landed.


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