Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Tom Martin

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Tom Martin Hyper-Realistic Paintings

These hyper-realistic paintings is the artwork by English artist Tom Martin. At first glance, these enticing images look good enough to eat but it is actually the detailed paintings made to look just like the real thing.

To create such realistic artwork artist creates two months carefully working on each intricate and detailed piece. Each piece is at least one meter in length and can sell for a staggering £17,000.

‘I use photographs as a reference to create each piece, but my paintings are never just a copy of a photograph. The photo is only used as a reminder of what was present at a particular moment in time, so the camera is a tool for looking and a brush is a tool for painting.’

The Hyper-realistic Paintings of Tom Martin

Tom Martin Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Tom Martin Paintings

Tom Martin Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Tom Martin Realistic Paintings

Tom Martin Super-Realistic Paintings

Tom Martin Hyper-Realistic Paintings

artist website: tommartinpaintings – via: dailymail

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