Live Bull Hanging Ritual in China Brings a Bumper Harvest

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Bull Hanging Ritual in China

The bizarre and cruel (not acceptable on many levels) live bull hanging ritual is carried out by the minority Dong people of southern China. It is believed to bring good weather, peace, prosperity and a full harvest.

First the bull is parade around the area by the residents where they believe he will collect the bad luck then they choose a ceremonial tree in the village, from which to hang the animal, and decorate it with red flowers.

The noose is sometimes looped over the animal’s leg so it stays alive for longer for the hundreds of people who turn up to watch. Once the animal is decorated and tied with the rope, the strongest villagers haul the terrified and struggling bull into the air where it eventually dies in front of families and young children.

Bull Hanging Ritual in China

Weird Believing

The residents in the village are not seeing this ritual as “cruel” and are refusing to give it up, especially as it is growing into a popular tourist attraction.

Lu Hung, who lives in the village told the Daily Mail, ‘We also hang cows also to warn those people who don’t behave themselves. [This] used to be the threat of what will happen to them.’ It is supposed to bring good luck, prosperity and blessings by the gods who watch the struggles.

Bull Hanging Ritual in China

Bull Hanging Ritual in China

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